War History Activities

We take you back to the dramatic April days in 1940. Back to when Norwegian and Allied soldiers fought desperate battles against the German forces. Through unique activity packages you visit the historical places where the film ‘The Battle of Narvik’ was filmed.

Go down into underground Nazi bunkers

This is an exciting activity that takes you inside narrow and dark underground Nazi bunkers – once filled with soldiers and weapons, but today are memories of a dramatic history.


During a two and a half kilometre walk in hilly terrain we will visit underground constructions with narrow cannons and machine gun positions, dark ammunition storages, moist trenches, and maze-like tunnel constructions. 


In the narrowest and darkest trenches, secrets are exposed that only the brave may expose.


Wild and dramatic train journey on the Ofot line

Join us on one of Europe’s most unique train journeys – from fjord to mountain, through a wild, dramatic, and desolate landscape.


A train journey that the author Ernst Didring called ‘the world’s eight wonder’.


The 42 km long train line on the Ofot line was completed in 1902, and it was on this stretch that the iron ore was transported from the mines in Sweden.


The iron ore that was at the root of German interest for the North Norwegian coastal town. 


War History Hike at Bjørnfjell

This war history hike will lead you into the intense battles of Narvik during the spring of 1940. The same areas where the film ‘The Battle of Narvik’ was filmed in spring 2021.

The trip lasts for approx. 7 hours and goes on paths in relatively easy hilly terrain. 


The war history hike at Bjørnfjell includes Norddalsbrua where several spectacular scenes from the film ‘The Battle of Narvik’ were filmed. Photo: Nordic Film

In the Footpath of the Mountain Warriors

You are taken back to Tennevoll in the evening of 23 April 1940.


The snow is deep, heavy, and wet, and the snowstorm is almost tearing you apart. Your vision is severely impaired but you must continue. For the first time since the early 19th century Norwegian soldiers are to attack an invading enemy.


We invite you to get a taste of the dramatic actions in the footpath of the mountain warriors with bases in the Fjellkysten guest house in Tennevoll. The trip is approx. 12 km in total, and is a relatively demanding trip.


Nature trail in Narvikfjellet

Take the family on an exciting and educational hike along Fjellveien in Narvikfjellet.


Collect your answer forms in the Ski Shop and take the cable car up to Fjellheisrestauranten 656 m above sea level.


Here you can enjoy our famous Linken waffle with a fantastic view over the Iron Ore Port and Ofotfjord before you start the trip down the mountain.


The nature trail consists of 10 posts. The questions are suitable for adults and children and are about everything from animal life, war history, nature, and facts on Narvik and Narvikfjellet.


The kids at Narvik War Museum

At Narvik War Museum, children and adults can try old-fashioned games and flavours from wartime recipes.


The kids learn the broad lines of the Second World War and how the iron ore pulls the small city of Narvik into the war.


Through spellbinding personal stories, the kids will gain insight in how life was during the strict occupation and the Nazis’ gruesome mindset towards the value of a human life.

War history city biking in Narvik

Narvik Museum invites you on an electric bike ride through the town’s history.


Narvik has a unique history as a growing town and hub in Ofoten at the end of the 19th century. The construction of the Ofotbanen railway was the starting point for the modern, urban society that established itself near an ice-free harbour.


We particularly focus on the Ofotbanen railway and the acts of war that unfolded during World War II, and are based on places that are part of the film ‘The Battle of Narvik’.


The tours take place in an urban setting and start at Narvik Museum.


War History Museum Package

In April 1940 all eyes are on Narvik – why? What happens during the battle of Narvik? How did the dramatic mountain war appear for young, inexperienced soldiers? How have soldiers’ personal weapons, equipment, and vehicles developed in the 20th century?


In this War History Museum Package you get answers to these and many more questions when you visit the three museums: Narvik Krigsmuseum in Narvik, Krambuvika Bygdemuseum in Tennevoll and Troms Forsvarsmuseum in Setermoen.


You can choose when you visit each museum. Note that you have to book a time to visit Krambuvika Village Museum.


The battle of Narvik


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